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FreedomBank donates $2,000 to local food pantries to combat food insecurity in Northeast Iowa


According to recent Northeast Iowa Food Bank statistics, one in every 12 people in our region is facing hunger. With so many people in our community struggling with having no access to healthy meals, area food pantries are working hard to combat food insecurity.

FreedomBank, dedicated to supporting our community's well-being and strength, recently donated $2,000 to four local food pantries: Decorah Community Food Pantry, Clayton County Food Shelf, Allamakee County Food Shelf, and Postville Community Support.

FreedomBank's generous donation has enabled area food pantries to purchase crucial items such as milk and eggs from the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. For instance, the Decorah Community Food Pantry spends about $450 weekly to buy 2,300 pounds of food. Moreover, local food pantries have collaborated with Fareway, Walmart, Hy-Vee, and Kwik Star to implement a Food Rescue program that provides 3,400 pounds of food per week. When necessary, the food pantries also purchase fresh food products from local retailers and producers, such as the Iowa Food Hub, to make them available to the families they serve.

According to Matt Tapscott, the Decorah Community Food Pantry, "every little bit helps" to assist local food-insecure families.

He continued, "Every box of pasta, every jar of peanut butter, every $5 bill, $500 check, or 1000 pounds of locally sourced food work together to ensure we can assist families facing food insecurity. One of our greatest needs is for more people to become even more aware of the reality of food insecurity in our community."

We invite you to join us in helping to end hunger among children, working families, and older adults by 2024. Your contributions to local food pantries can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those having difficulty making ends meet.


Postville Community Support - Pictured: Sara Turner White, Audrey Wedo, Carolyn Livingood, Barbara Herzmann, and Meaghan Schneider

Decorah Community Food Pantry - Pictured: Sara Hertrampf, Matt Tapscott, Karissa Gerleman


Clayton County Food Shelf - Pictured: Suann Eaton, Emily Radloff, Julie Heying, Vincent Schmelzer, Melissa Walz, Candace Moser, Keith Tompson, Mary Opperman, Utoni Ruff, Remy Kehner, Alissa Ruff

Allamakee County Food Shelf - Pictured: Patricia Kammeyer, Richard Protsmasn, Kennedy Larson, Chuck Berg, Monica Roderick, Gary Rumph, Kate Leigh Wilson, Dennis Nebendahl, and Jack Grampovnick


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