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FreedomBank Finish Line Challenge Pushed Pony Hollow Trail Extension Fundraiser Past the Goal in Record Time


Pictured are: Jennifer Cowsert, Ean Popenhagen, Caty Phillips, Nick Moser, Larry Stone, Dave Asche, Michael Higgins, Kenny Slocum, Jenna Pollock, Daryl Landsgard, Kathy Mueller, Abbey Harkrader, Krista Fischer, Rachel Franks, Sandy Walter, Sydney Moser, Clarissa DeShaw, Julie Dahling, Jennifer Liddiard, Paula Ehrhardt, Dana Burns.

Many community leaders turn to FreedomBank when there is a need. Recently, Jenna Pollock, the executive director of Clayton County Conservation, contacted FreedomBank for funding to apply for a grant by February 15th to finish the Pony Hollow Trail Extension.

The project aims to construct a one-mile segment, the first section of a two-mile paved loop that will connect the existing termini of the Pony Hollow Trail. Phase 1 will start in 2025 and is estimated to cost $1.1 million.

By late January 2024, the Conservation Board was just $8,000 short of their fundraising target to apply for an Enhance Iowa CAT Grant. In response, Kathy Mueller, CEO and President of FreedomBank, proposed a plan to help. The bank would provide dollar-for-dollar matching funds, up to $4,000, to support the Conservation Board's efforts.

As a result, Clayton County Conservation raised $15,000 in one week through an online campaign called the "FreedomBank Finish Line Challenger Fundraiser."

Kathy Mueller expressed that the Pony Hollow Trail Extension project is an excellent example of how FreedomBank is committed to empowering the community. "We contributed $4,000 as matching funds to increase the impact of our donation. The seed sown through this match is an investment for future success in the county by enhancing opportunities for recreation and conservation."

Mueller recognizes the vital contribution made by visionaries such as Jenna Pollock and the team at Clayton County Conservation Board to develop Clayton County and Elkader into flourishing tourist destinations and desirable places to live, while preserving our natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Community banks, like FreedomBank, also play a crucial role in transforming rural communities into thriving economies.

FreedomBank is a 100% employee-owned community bank, which has branches in Elkader, Monona, Postville, and Waukon. They empower their customers, communities, and team to achieve success.

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