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Farmers State Bank

Bank Routing Number

What is a Bank Routing Number?

A bank routing number identifies the bank that checks and automatic payments are routed to through the Federal Reserve Bank System. It is nine digits in length and unique to a specific bank.

Why did I receive a notice that my routing number is changing?

FreedomBank and Farmers & Merchants Savings Bank (FMSB) merged on April 1, 2019. The routing number associated with FMSB accounts is now FreedomBank’s routing number. As part of the merger and conversion process, an electronic correction was sent to all companies using the routing number previously associated with FMSB for automatic payments. The electronic correction changes the routing number from the FMSB number to the FreedomBank number and prevents FMSB customers having to contact each company themselves. This is a correction notice, not a return. The company will make the change and may notify their employees or customers of the change. If you are concerned that your automatic payroll may not go through, contact your employer’s bookkeeping department and request the change be made from 073920612 to 073913218 to avoid a possible disruption to your deposit.

Will my checks be declined using the old or new routing number?

Checks using the FMSB routing number will be accepted and routed to FreedomBank. If you were a FMSB customer and ordered new checks with the FreedomBank routing number, you may have problems at businesses that use a Check Verification System, such as Wal-Mart and other large retailers. Your transaction may be declined because their database expects the FMSB routing number. Be prepared and have another form of payment with you. Keep the declined check. It is needed when calling the check verification company to unblock future check transactions at that business. If you don't feel comfortable making that call, FreedomBank will do it for you, but we need the declined check information. Unfortunately, FreedomBank cannot request a mass change to these type of companies.

Why can’t FreedomBank keep both routing numbers?

The Federal Reserve System will retire the FMSB routing number.

What routing number should I be using when setting up automatic payments?