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FreedomBank Contributes to the Northeast Iowa Regional Housing Trust Fund


For Northeast Iowa to grow, it is essential to maintain a quality of life that attracts businesses and workforce. A key component to the success of a region is high-quality homes and adequate housing inventory. Additionally, in Clayton County, 43% of the houses were built before 1940, and 73% were built prior to 1980. Older homes generally require more maintenance, which can be costly for many low-income households.

As part of our commitment to empowering success within our community, FreedomBank is partnering with the Northeast Iowa Regional Housing Trust Fund (NIRHTF) to improve and rehabilitate housing in Clayton and Allamakee Counties. We recently contributed $1,500 in matching funds to the NIRHTF, which was awarded $330,000 in 2022 by the Iowa Finance Authority. The fund helps families and senior citizens throughout the region make needed repairs to their homes, continue to live in their homes, and ensures that residents will continue to have a supply of safe, affordable housing.

Through matching contributions from local businesses like FreedomBank, the NIRHTF has served over 109 households in Allamakee County and over 120 households in Clayton County with home renovations since 2010. FreedomBank is steadfast in our partnership with NIRHTF and grateful for the impact they make in helping the area thrive.

You can learn more about NEIRHTF by contacting the Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission at www.uerpc.org or (563) 382-6171 in Decorah, Iowa.

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