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Financially Savvy Kids = Financially Successful Adults

FreedomBank Debit Card

Anytime is a good time to start teaching financial responsibility. Educate the children in your life and secure a healthy relationship between earning, spending and saving.

It’s important to teach children of all ages the necessary skills to make effective and informed money management decisions.

Make sure children know the basics:

  1. You need money to buy things.
  2. You earn money by working.
  3. There’s a difference between needs and wants.
  4. People work and earn money to buy what they need and some wants.
  5. Save money to use later as needs and wants arise.
  6. Your savings has a chance to grow with compound interest.
  7. Giving out personal financial information can be dangerous — ask a parent or guardian first.
  8. Check your FreedomBank account balance before making a debit card purchase.

There are multiple money management teaching tools. You can start with a simple allowance and progress into more advanced options as your children get older.

Provide children the opportunity to learn about managing their own money.

Ask FreedomBank how to open a checking or savings account for the children in your life and turn financially savvy kids into financially successful adults!

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