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FreedomBank Joins America Saves Week 2023

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FreedomBank is a proud participant in America Saves Week, an annual national campaign that encourages individuals and families to check-in on their finances by highlighting several key areas that contribute to financial stability; such as saving automatically, preparing for unexpected expenses, retirement, and reducing debt.

We focus on one of the easiest and most effective way to save— AUTOMATICALLY.

How do you save automatically? The two best ways to save automatically are to split your direct deposit or have your financial institution automatically transfer a predetermined amount from your checking to savings.

Check out this blog post from the America Saves Team, who breaks it all down.

More Financial Conversations:

Check out this video with Savers Amanda and Hans, who talk about the easiest way to save, saving automatically.

Building the habit of saving is a crucial part of building financial confidence – it's not about how much you save but setting a goal, reaching it, and realizing what’s possible with small steps. Remember- saving is a HABIT, not a destination.

FreedomBank invites you to follow along on our Facebook page for daily tips from America Saves Week.

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