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FreedomBank Teams-Up with MFL MarMac for Scoreboard Project

FreedomBank Teams-Up with MFL MarMac for Scoreboard Project

Pictured are: MFL MarMac Faculty and Administration: Erik Peterson, David Corlett, Tim Dugger,
and Karla Hanson; and Alissa Ruff, Assistant Vice President at FreedomBank

MFL MarMac Community School District's Monona High School gym now has two brand-new scoreboards, thanks to the generosity of area businesses. FreedomBank donated $5,000.00 towards the project as part of its mission to empower success in the community. The new scoreboards will display game statistics, including player numbers, fouls, points scored, team scores, and game time clock.

Dr. Dale Crozier, retired Superintendent, and Erik Peterson, High School Athletic Director, spearheaded the scoreboard project. Fifteen area businesses, including FreedomBank, sponsored the scoreboards, which included advertising space for contributors.

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